Science Fair

for this years science fair I am doing melanoma in horses. It is a type of cancer that causes tumors. Its sad because my horse is more likely to get melanoma because grey horses 9ver the age of fifteen are more likely to get melanoma and my horse is a grey horss and she’s 16!



Missoula Children’s Theatre was really fun. There was a lot of different parts in the play. I was sister hood. I loved the pizza on Friday. It was awesome! My favorite show was the Friday show, because everyone was so nervous and excited.



I had a great halloween. I saw the fireworks, they were awesome! I got candy from lots of houses, but still not as much as Caleb. He got soooooo much, about half a tote. I was a cowgirl for halloween,Caleb was a hot dog seller. Dad stayed home to hand out candy. Me and Ayla trick-or-treated together, while our moms did there thing. I had the best Halloween ever!



Halloween: Origins, Meaning & Traditions - HISTORY


I can’t wait for summer so I can ride tina on the beach without having to go to school. I will ride the horses a lot this summer. I will give her so many baths that she will be almost pure white. I can’t wait for this summer.

90 White Horse Names - The Paws

Our Dog

I love our chocolate Labrador retriever. She is around 2 years old.

Her name is Leeta, and she loves to play keep away. She grabs many things she should not grab. She grabs socks and does not give them back easily.

She also likes to shred paper towel and then eat the shreds.

If you are playing tug of war, she will lay down with the rope in her mouth and you can drag her across the carpet. When you get to the other side of the floor, you can lay down and hold onto the rope, and she will drag you to the other side of the floor. If she stops in the middle of the floor, it is because she is feeling lazy, and wants you to drag her more.

She can do tricks like shake a paw, sit, stay, and lay down. She does those if you tell her to.

She likes to lay on the couch with you. She will also sleep with you, but she will go under the blankets and snuggle up to your legs.

I really love our dog.

By Jos


Some people use thermometers to tell how warm or cold it is. The  thermometer will go up if it is warm and down if it is cold. Thermometers can go up to 50 degrees Celsius and to negative 30 degrees Celsius. It helps to hold the thermometer up to eye level to see the exact height of the liquid. Thermometers are very helpful when telling the weather.

Extra School (ugh)

Mom is making us do  homeschooling until school starts. Me and Caleb are getting ready for school like it is an actual school day,   writing letters, doing Mathletics, and getting up early. At least I can stay in my pajamas!